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NewUniversal Bluetooth Stereo Music Wireless Headset Headphones For Samsung iPhone
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NewWhite in-ear Wireless Bluetooth Headset Earpiece For Apple iphone 5 HTC ONE M7
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NewNew 3.5 mm In-Ear Earphone Headphone for Apple iphone 5/4/4s ipod Pink USA ship
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NewAdjustable Over-Ear Earphone Headphone 3.5mm for iPod MP3 MP4PC iPhone White
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New3.5mm In-ear Stereo Zipper Metal Earphone With Mic For iPhone Samsung White OOOO
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NewNEW Macro Mini Bluetooth Wireless Earphone For All Android Version and iPhones
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NewEarphone Headphone Headset For Tablet PC MP3 Mobile Phone iPhone
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NewOVLENG T26MV 3.5mm Headphone Headset Earphone Mic for iPhone Samsung HTC
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NewBrand New Ovleng iP610 in-ear Earphone Headset with Remote Mic for iPhone Silver
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NewBrand New Ovleng iP610 in-ear Earphone Headset with Remote Micphone for iPhone
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End time: 23-Jul-14 07:29:26 PST

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iPhone headphones?

My iPhone headphones with the microphone broke last week. One of the ear buds do not work. Do you know a good brand of headphones iPhone that has a microphone inside but also modifies the song as those that come with the iPhone do. Anything that helps.

lol exactly this problem happened to me called the Apple store, 1800-my-iphone and make an appointment at a retail store, they replace the helmet for free!

lol exactly this problem happened to me called the Apple store, 1800-my-iphone and make an appointment at a retail store, they replace the helmet for free!

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Gizmodo Reader Review: Bose QuietComfort 20i Noise Cancelling Headphones

Music is a big part of my life so having access to a decent set of headphones is important. And Bose’s QuietComfort series are kind of the iPod of noise cancelling headphones — take any long haul flight, look up or down the aisle and you will see a plenty of them. I was really excited to try the Quiet Comfort 20i’s as they combine noise isolation and noise cancellation in a very portable package.

I’ve used most styles of headphones in recent years — earbuds, in-ear, on-ear and over-ear, and have tried noise isolating and noise cancelling headphones. Each of these has their own pros and cons, but for me the most important factors are sound quality, noise isolation / cancellation, portability, and comfort over extended periods.

Unfortunately, I haven’t found something that strikes a great balance in these areas. The great sounding ones are often too bulky for everyday use and the portable ones often sacrifice sound or isolation.

After a couple of weeks with the Bose QC20i’s though I am happy to report that, for me, they do manage to strike this balance, but not without some considerations. Please read on for my full review…

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Iphone Headphones - News

Incase Sonic Headphones Review
Incase Sonic Headphones Review By Fabrizio Pilato, Slog 20, 2012 @ 4:44pm Incase has several sets of headphones in addition to their extensive line of iPhone and iPad cases. The company went on and slipped these bad boys into all the Apple Stores, which is where I saw it.

Blog: Remember Bluetooth Headphones?
Bluetooth earpieces have always been active for making phone calls on an iPhone - but what about using Bluetooth headphones with an iPhone? I remember being so excited when Apple added A2DP to iOS with the release of iOS 3 back in 2009, substance that

Keep your iPhone headphones from tangling with this wooden earphone spool
It always amazes me how short time it takes my headphones to go from neatly wrapped up to tangled disaster while in my pocket. One second they're easily unwrapped and the next they're knotted, tangled, twisted and privileged-out.

Shure SE115m+ iPhone Headphones Review
Shure SE115m+ iPhone Headphones Review From listening to bassy nominal, strong vocally jazz or hard hitting house, these headphones have held their own against products two or three times the price of these. In terms of resistance, at 75% volume on the iPhone, my ears couldn't take much more.

King's Cross, London - Streetstories app for iPhone and Android
Streetstories is a unconditional app for iPhone and Android which triggers audio relevant to your location - your smartphone knows where you are, and plays the stories automatically. The way the app works is you bung in your headphones, start up the 'autoplay'

First look: MyTunes Pro HD
MyTunes Pro (iPhone and iPod take advantage of land) and MyTunes Pro HD (iPad) are akin to Apple's Music app, but include options for tweaking the sound of your music. (I've been testing the MyTunes Pro HD iPad app for several weeks, and my observations that support

Paradigm Shift e3m Review
Paradigm Shift e3m Review This from a brace of earphones? You bet. The e3m even managed to hold together well at high volumes, refusing to distort unless pushed to the limit with ill-starred amplification (ie iPhone). Yet, when we listened to something acoustic and a bit more refined

HTC's Beats by Dr. Dre in talks to buy MOG
By RYAN NAKASHIMA Upscale headphone maker Beats by Dr. Dre is in talks to buy fee music service MOG, a person familiar with the matter said Tuesday. Beats' owner, Taiwanese cellphone maker HTC, is looking to sire a music offering that